Owning a property that you do not live in can be time-consuming, especially if you have a busy work schedule or live in a different part of the country. Do you have a property in West London that you would like to rent out? Do you have the time to find a suitable tenant and manage the tenancy? At Xavi & Co Estate Agency, we work closely with landlords who need that extra support. We also manage holiday homes and vacant properties for owners living elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

Our property agents in Brentford have managed properties for many years and guarantee a trustworthy service with excellent communication lines, open at all times. If you just let us know what it is you are looking for, we will tailor a Property Management package according to what you want.


You may already be aware of the work involved in being a Landlord. It can be stressful finding the right tenants and being available to service their needs on request. We can help relieve some of that pressure by managing your property for you.

  • 1. Start Property Marketing & find the Right Tenant

    It is only natural for you, as landlords, to want respectful tenants who are not going to take up too much of your time or cause damage to your rental property. Our property agents offer targeted property marketing and will handle this entire process on your behalf. We believe in reaching the right demographics and offer a stringent selection process to ensure we find the right tenant for you. We are situated in Brentford, manage rental properties across west London, and will do whatever is necessary to ensure no time-wasters get through. As part of our selection process, we also collect proof of identity, references and will handle the checks as per your instructions.
  • 2. Landlord-Tenant Agreement & Inventory Report

    Once you agree on the most suitable tenant, our lettings agents will produce the Landlord-Tenant Agreement and send it to you for approval. The deposit will then be arranged and entered into the DPS Deposit Protection Scheme to ensure that the tenant also enters the rental agreement feeling safe and secure. Providing you agree, we will then proceed to make arrangements for a professional inventory service and organise the relevant safety certificates on your behalf. It is important to mention that we use third-party services for both the inventory process and safety checks.
  • 3. Preparing your Rental Property for Check-In

    Once all the pre-tenancy safety checks have been completed, we will handle the transfer of utilities into the new tenant’s name. Our property management team is fully trained and experienced in dealing with all the required safety checks and can also arrange for a deep clean of your property before the tenant moves in. When everything is ready and signed off, the keys are then passed to the tenant.
  • 4. Managing the Tenancy & Landlord Duties

    We will allocate a point-of-contact to the new tenant for any queries or issues that may arise during the tenancy. Payments will be managed every month and delivered to your account with a monthly statement. Our mission is to ensure that we deliver a high standard of care to your tenant and reliable service to you. We can arrange all payments for routine outgoings, provide you with estimates for repairs and refurbishments, and deal with maintenance issues using approved contractors. According to your preference, we can arrange mid-tenancy property visits and report back with detailed condition reports, assist you with insurance requirements, and, in the unfortunate case of a tenant breaching the tenancy agreement, serve the appropriate legal notices.
  • 5. Tenancy Extensions, Renewals & Remarketing

    Towards the end of any tenancy agreement, negotiations and procedures are inevitable. In cases where the tenant is ready to move out, we will arrange a thorough property assessment and prepare the inventory in preparation for the check-out to take place. Following that, we will remarket your property for rent to find a suitable replacement. Often, tenants will request an extension or complete renewal of the tenancy agreement, in which case, we will liaise with you to reach a satisfactory conclusion.


Over the years, we have seen a sharp increase in the demand from professionals and high-net-worth individuals using our services to protect their holiday homes in and around Brentford and west London. Some only visit their property once every few months and require a trustworthy team to ensure it is well-maintained and secure during the rest of the time. We will prepare the property for your arrival and resolve any issues that arise, quickly and efficiently. We consider it our duty to keep you in the know about your property and achieve this by sending routine reports in a way that suits you.

It is worth mentioning that we also have a supply bank of registered and fully-insured tradesmen and suppliers whom we have worked with and continually monitor to ensure they provide the best quality workmanship and service for our client’s properties.